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A Comprehensive Overview of our Wetroom Systems - European Heritage Ltd.

Creating Your Dream Wetroom: The Ultimate Guide

In this comprehensive blog, we explore the concept of a wetroom, an elegant and contemporary shower solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your bathroom. A wetroom is a fully waterproofed and tanked space, and we dive into the crucial elements that make it possible. From wall tanking with waterproofing membranes and construction boards to the selection of floor level shower trays, we provide insights into creating a truly watertight and stylish wetroom. Discover the benefits of choosing a wetroom, such as increased property value, reduced maintenance, and design versatility. We also highlight essential tips to ensure a successful wetroom installation, emphasizing the importance of proper tanking and slip-resistant tiles. With European Heritage's wide range of wetroom products, you can turn your bathroom into a modern oasis and enjoy a luxurious shower experience.

Introduction: What is a Wetroom?

Are you dreaming of a modern and spacious bathroom with a sleek, contemporary design? Look no further than a wetroom - the epitome of style and functionality. A wetroom is a completely waterproofed and tanked shower solution, where the shower area is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the bathroom floor. Let's delve into the key elements that make a wetroom the perfect addition to your home.

Why choose a wetroom system?

Choosing a wetroom comes with numerous advantages that make it an attractive choice for any bathroom:

1. On-Trend and Stylish: Wetrooms exude a sleek and modern feel, making them a trendy addition to any home.
2. Property Value: Installing a wetroom can increase the value of your property due to its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.
3. Reduced Maintenance: Opting for large format porcelain tiles minimizes grout surface area and makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.
4. Greater Design Versatility: The flexibility of wetrooms allows for various design possibilities and can give perception of more space in smaller bathrooms compared to shower enclosures.
5. Affordability: As wetrooms gain popularity, their cost becomes more reasonable, and the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment.

Ensuring Complete Waterproofing - "Tanking" The Wet Areas

To achieve a 100% waterproof wetroom is critical. Special attention must be given to the walls and floors throughout the wet areas. This process is called "tanking" and involves using specific materials to create a watertight seal. There are three primary methods for wall tanking:

1. Waterproofing Membrane: A physical membrane can be glued to the wall with flexible tile adhesive to prevent water ingress behind the tiles. Our recommended product is called Schluter-KERDI MATTING, produced by a renowned German brand. Where there are any seams and corners Schluter-KEBA TAPE, Schluter-KEREK INTERNAL CORNER pieces and Schluter-KEREK EXTERNAL CORNER pieces can all be used to get get that perfect seal. Where these pieces are used, it is important to use waterproof adhesive to form a secure and durable wall tanking system. Typical tile adhesive won't do the trick because as water will absorb through the adhesive and into any seams. We recommend Schluter-KERDI COLL as a two part waterproof adhesive for any joints and seams. This really useful video explains the full Schluter Kerdi System:


2. Liquid Waterproofing Membrane: Good alternatives to a physical membranes are liquid waterproofing membranes. These membranes can be applied in several coats with a roller to create a barrier against water and moisture. Mapei's Mapelastic Aquadefense Kit has revolutionized bathroom waterproofing with its two-coat paint-on application. A single kit contains 7.5kg of the quick-drying liquid membrane, combined with 10 linear meters of Mapeband and 2 internal Mapeband internal corners to ensures reliable wall protection. If you need external corners, for example on a wetroom bench, then the Mapeband external corners are your answer. Have a look at Mapei's installation video for more information.  


3. Construction Boards: Instead using plywood or plasterboard, a great physical solution that provides a water resistance surface is a tile backer board. These boards have an expanded foam core with a cementious coating. They are also insulating and provide excellent bonding surfaces to tile on. Our recommendation is PCS Delta Boards. These boards can be attached to wall substrates using tile adhesive, or the 12.5mm thickness boards can be attached straight to joist with screws and PCS Delta Washers. To waterproof any screws or seams, PCS also make a handy PCS Delta Waterproofing Kit. Alternatively you can also use Schluter-KEBA TAPE with Schluter-KERDI COLL or Mapei's Mapelastic Aquadefense Kit.

    Tile on Shower Trays: The Heart of Your Wetroom

    Selecting the right tile on shower tray is crucial for efficient drainage and aesthetics. There are several options of linear and point drain systems that help you ensure the correct installation of the tiles in the wet area, ensuring the water falls to the drainage body. All our trays are compatible with natural stone or porcelain tiles and can help you achieve a seamless installation. 

    1. PCS DeltaTray: This cost effective system provides prefabricated shower trays at set sizes typically found in wetroom construction. During installation, there can be some small modifications to the sizes by trimming the tray down, but there are limits. There are two types of tray, the PCS Delta Trent Linear Drain shower tray, and the PCS Delta Thames Point Drain shower tray. Simply choose the size of your tray and pair with the corresponding drainage body, either the PCS Delta Trent Linear Drainage Kit or the PCS Delta Thames Point Drainage Kit. For a seamless look, the grate in the Trent linear drainage body can be flipped and tiled into, but for Thames point drainage kit the grate can be replaced with the PCS Delta Thames Tile On Cover. The tray comes with a factory-fitted gasket for added waterproofing around the drain, and its improved cementitious coating makes it suitable for even small mosaic tiles.

    PCS Delta Shower Tray Installation


    2. Schluter LTS Tray and G3 Drain: This highly adaptable Schluter LTS 1365/2000 linear shower tray can be used for wet areas from 600mm wide to anything up to 1365 x 2000mm. The constant fall down to Schluter's Linear Kerdi-Line-G3 Drainage Body makes this system highly adaptable and eliminates and cuts towards the drain. This system has the ultimate aesthetic finish, with no diagonal cuts for large format tiles and an invisible drainage system when combined with Schluter's Tile on Cover for the Kerdi-Line-G3 Drainage Body  

        Things to Avoid

        To ensure your wetroom becomes a stunning success rather than a costly mistake, keep the following tips in mind:

        1. Don't cut corners when tanking: Never compromise on waterproofing; ensure every joint between walls, floor, and membrane is adequately covered. Make sure that all the walls and floor can be completely soaked before tiling and the water is only going to one place.... down the drain! This is the time to fix any issues. Short cuts here will mean that the tiles will have to come up and leaks will need to be repaired.

        2. Slippy tiles: We recommend choosing tiles with R10 or PTV+36 slip resistance. This can be a good compromise between grip and keeping maintenance down. If you are worried about grip in wet areas, or need to consider reducing the risk of slipping, we recommend considering R11 or PTV+42 porcelain tiles for a safer wetroom floor. These tiles are great at gripping your feet, but also great at gripping dirt. Be aware that these tiles will come with higher maintenance regimes.



        Transform your bathroom into a luxurious and contemporary oasis by creating a stunning wetroom. We offer a wide range of wetroom products and materials to ensure your wetroom installation is a success. Feel free to reach out to our sales team for further technical information. We look forward to helping you turn your wetroom dreams into reality!

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