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Maintaining Your Tiles With Our Cleaning Products - European Heritage Ltd.

Maintaining Your Tiles With Our Cleaning Products

Are you fed up of dirt building up on your tiles? Well we have an arsenal of cleaning solutions that will cure your maintenance blues.

Keeping Your Tiles Clean, no matter the material

It doesn’t matter what type of tile you choose, there will be some manner of maintenance required if you want to keep the surface looking as new as the day it was installed. There are a number of excellent products available today that not only take the work out of maintaining the beauty of your tiles, but they also help extend the life of the material.

At European Heritage, we are a proud provider of a variety of top-rated surface care solutions from our partners at Fila Solutions. Below are our recommended cleaning and maintenance solutions that will cover the majority of materials. They are certain to help you enjoy beautiful and clean tile floors and walls for as long as you own your home. 

Fila Cleaner Pro

Here’s your trusted partner, your everyday essential & general allrounder. Fila Cleaner Pro is a pH neutral detergent that has been manufactured to offer thorough cleaning qualities at a mild concentration.

The Fila Cleaner Pro is a detergent that we advise you always have under your sink as this is your day-to-day cleaner. It delicately cleans all types of floor & surface coverings; porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, concrete & wood. It effectively removes the general build-up of household residues at very low dilution ratios (1:200).

Whilst we are advocates of porcelain tiles due to their practicality, we also appreciate the beauty of natural stone. The detraction from natural stone is its ongoing maintenance, however with Fila Cleaner Pro as your daily/weekly cleaner, it really does make the world of difference when it comes to keeping your stone looking as it was when installed.

Fila PS87 Pro

We appreciate that there are household stains & residues that neutrality simply will not fix. Often, this is where we recommend our customers a product call Fila PS87 Pro.

Fila PS87 Pro is specifically designed to attack grease particles that form on surface coverings – think of your kitchen splashback. When diluted it removes oil-based residues from porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, terracotta & concrete. However, when undiluted, it removes very stubborn stains from porcelain tiles – it’s certainly one that is worth keeping around for those annual deep cleans.

It is an alkaline detergent, meaning that it requires extra care when applying to natural stone. On unpolished natural stone surfaces, it is generally not a problem. We do recommend that you always test the product at the specified dilution on a localised area that is out of general sight to ensure the product doesn’t react with your stone.

Fila Deterdek Pro

Our Fila Deterdek Pro is a post-installation cleaner that is acid-based and designed to remove cement-based residues that form on tiles after they are fixed & grouted. It is buffered acid that is relatively strong, meaning it’s only suitable for hardwearing surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic & acid resistant stone tiles – we do not recommend this for many types of natural stone.

A common scenario is that tiles are laid, and the builders leave site without thoroughly removing the grout residue from the tile. The small, almost microscopic particles of grout will attract and hold dirt which makes you think your tile is absorbing stains, when in fact the dirt is clinging to those grout particles. Simply apply a diluted ratio over the affected area and you will see a transformation almost immediately.

FIla Deterdek Pro is also a highly effective solution for removing limescale & hard-water deposits that build up in showers. We know that's definitely been bugging a lot of customers over the years...

The perfect recipe…

With a combination of these three cleaners in your cleaning cupboard, you are protected against a majority of household residues and stains. Of course, our helpful & knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you with any queries relating maintenance issues you may be having.

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