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Your samples are not only beautiful, they are also helping the planet!

Samples are an incredibly important part of helping you choose beautiful tiles for your perfect project. We are always happy post them out to you for a small shipping cost of £2.99. They typically arrive in 5-7 days, but some might be coming from suppliers and could take a little bit longer.

We like to try to limit our sample orders to 8. This means we can pop them in the post in one package and get them to you quickly. Of course there are times when you need more than 8, in which case you can place multiple orders.

Your samples are building a mangrove forest
We realised that all this postage and packaging is not great for our planet and we wanted to do something about it.
  • We've tried to use recyclable material where possible. No longer using bubble wrap or plastic bonded packaging.
  • If you would like to return your samples for us to reuse and recycle them, just give us a call or drop us an email and we can send you a free return label. You can even use the same packaging the samples came in!
  • And lastly, your samples are building a mangrove forest! For each sample order that is ordered online, we automatically plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar on your behalf through a charity called Ecologi. Mangrove trees capture up to four times as much carbon per acre than tropical rainforests. Three quarters of tropical fish rely on their root systems for nurseries and shelter. We started this initiative on the 15th July 2021. You can see our progress here:

We plant trees with Ecologi

If you would like to learn more about the project you can follow the link below: