Affordable Mosaics for Everyone!

Published Date : May 23, 2014

Finally a range of high quality glass and glass mix mosaics that doesn't break the bank. Mosaic-Net has launched an extensive range of colours and styles to an ever expanding and very technical mosaic market. In the current “credit crunch”, every one is looking to save where possible. European Heritage is proud to offer such an extensive range to our customers at such low prices.

Affordable and mosaics are rarely two words that are heard together, but thanks to Mosaic-Net, there are now affordable, high quality mosaic, which won't ruin the budget of your project. With such a vast range of colours and styles, you will be spoilt for choice and will be very impressed with what we have to offer.

Mosaics are a sign of luxury, now this luxury has been made affordable to every one. Whether you are designing a kitchen, a stylish bathroom or a lavish swimming pool, European Heritage and Mosaic-Net  are proud to offer you such an extensive range of colours and styles.

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