Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles: No more compromise.

Do you want the look of wood without all the maintenance & upkeep headaches that can come with it? Well, luckily over recent years, our Italian partners have used ever-progressing methods of production and technology to make porcelain stoneware emulate any type natural wood flooring; from light to dark, rustic to prime and large to small format.
Whereas in the past, manufacturers lacked the technology to mirror the inherent characteristics of real wood such as the different varieties of knots, sap streaks, deviation of colour between boards, etc, they have now honed this down to a well refined science. Whether it’s an engineered look with minimal knots or a highly rustic version, our wood effect collections have been carefully considered to cover all bases.
The Practicality
Firstly, let us touch on the fundamentals of the materials themselves. Many of our customers, when viewing our wood effect porcelain displays, cannot discern it from real wood. And the fact is, from a maintenance point of view wood effect porcelain has the same advantages as any other porcelain tile. Here are some of these points in comparison to wood flooring:



No sealant

Continual sealing

Any household cleaning agents suitable

Special cleaning agents

Can be fitted instantly

Has to acclimatise

Impervious to humidity/moisture/water

Humidity/moisture/water sensitive

Perfect for wet areas

Not recommended for wet areas

Easily fitted just like any other tile

More Labour intensive

Ecologically friendly

Cut from trees

Natural wood flooring must be sealed initially and every 2-5 years to prevent staining. Without this sealant wood simply soaks in whatever liquid it encounters, usually leaving a stain in the form of a ring or a blotch. Wood must also be cleaned with PH neutral detergent that will not harm the surface and discolour the wood. On the other hand, porcelain cannot stain and thus does not require sealing or special cleaning products.
If you’ve ever had a wood floor installed, then you are aware of how important acclimatisation is. For those unfamiliar with acclimatisation, it is a vital prerequisite to fitting the floor in which the wood must be stored for 5-7 days in area it is to be fitted, so that the moisture content in the wood is equivalent to that of the room/area. The aim of this is to prevent the wood from expanding and/or contracting after being fitted, which causes splitting and warping. Conversely, porcelain tiles are impervious to moisture and humidity, neither taking on water or drying out, and thus can be fitted at any stage in the building process, being unaffected by plastering or damp screeds for instance. And of course, this also means that porcelain is the perfect solution for wet areas such as bathrooms, wetrooms and exterior spaces.
Regarding installation, fitting wood effect porcelain is just as easy and straightforward as laying any other porcelain tile, which is generally less laborious and thus cheaper to install than wood. So save your hard earned cash and have your fitter lay wood effect porcelain.
Go Green! Let’s face it, wood has a beautiful, rustic, natural look and some properties do scream to be covered in wood flooring. But as previously mentioned, most customers viewing our porcelain wood effect ranges are convinced it is the real thing. So, let’s keep those tree’s rooted where they belong and go green with porcelain!

Our Best Seller
We are constantly monitoring the latest advancements in porcelain stoneware technology so you can be sure you are getting the most realistic and tactile wood effect porcelain stoneware.
When we first saw our Wood series, we knew it would be an instant success. The life-like and tactile nature of the collection is something to behold. There are 5 colours in the collection; 4 of which have been designed to mimic natural oak tones and one further light grey that offers a more contemporary look.
The unique proposition of this collection is its size capability. Our Wood series is available in two sizes, both of which are the wide 24cm plank and the lengths are 120 & 240cm. The 240cm is a striking size designed with large expanses of space in mind. The shorter plank is a great alternative for those wanting to bring the warmth of a wood floor into your bathroom.
Wood Natural
Rustic Feels
Are you after something with character over elegance? Perhaps a highly varied surface is just the kind of wood effect you had in mind… Well we have a couple of collections to fit the bill.
Sequoia Gold is a firm favourite in the showroom due it’s deep gold hue that combines with a hand carved knotting effect. It’s rustic but not overly so, the variation is truly delightful and we like to pair it with our favourite gold-ish marble effects; such as Calacatta Oro & Vintage Marble Gold.
Our Amazon series has been designed to mimic a worn floorboard effect with a high degree of variation in colour. Two tones; beige & grey bring a supremely rustic look that is bound to be the centre of attention in your space.
Amazon Beige
On Trend Greys… we think not.
Now, traditional wooden tones are superseding the formerly popular grey wood effects as it becomes more apparent that we desire a feeling of warmth from our surface coverings. Our Stelvio collection is a prime example of this transition. The collection contains no grey offerings and only has comforting wooden tones at an affordable price.
Stelvio Avana
Our Stelvio series was developed to give the appeal of a Rustic A/B grade of engineered timber. It displays some natural knotting that is expected from this grade of timber which brings the harmonised balance between rusticity and elegance. The three-tone series; Almond, Avana & Naturale, is designed to bring maximum comfort and warmth with none of the maintenance issues associated with the natural product.
Visit our showroom and view our stunning selection of wood effect porcelain today!

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