How to Select Tiles for Your Project

You’re about to embark on a renovation project in your home. The aim is to make it more comfortable, beautiful, stylish and functional. Your tile selection is most likely on your short list of building materials that you want to look and feel perfect. With so many different types and varieties of tile available, how can you ensure that you're choosing the right tile for the job?

When choosing tile for any home renovation, it is important to answer the following three key questions first:

Where… Is the Tile Being Installed?

The location of the tile will give you a lot of the information required you need to decide. A bathroom may well require a different tile to your kitchen or hallway, so it is important to understand what you want from each space.


A bathroom tile, for example, will have a functionality and safety aspect to consider. For instance, is the tile being used in a wet location like such as a wetroom floor? You may want to consider a ‘Grip’ finish to provide the necessary slip resistance - see our blog post on Slip Resistance to get a better understanding of what might be required in a wetroom.

Bathrooms tend to be smaller than kitchens so this will affect the size of the tile that you will choose. Can your bathroom floors & walls accommodate large format tiles? If so, why not consider a tile that is 80x80cm or even larger. Our choice of XXL Slabs is growing and the possibilities are endless. Perhaps your space is a little cosier? Well then, consider a smaller format tile with a decorative or patterned feel.

Check out our recommended Bathroom Tiles for more inspiration (link to bathroom tile section)


A kitchen tile will, on the other hand, require different functional considerations; practicality and maintenance. We know that kitchens are exposed to all manner of residues and potential stains, so the format & material of the tile are important considerations. Typically a hardwearing material such as porcelain stoneware is the best from a maintenance point of view given it’s extremely low levels of porosity. Larger formats also reduce the amount of grout consumption, this helps reduce the grout discolouration that we are all so familiar with.

Take a look at our wonderful Kitchen Tiles to see what catches your eye?

Wall or Floor?

Is the tile being installed on the wall or on the floor? Each application may require a specific type of tile, knowing where the tile will be placed ultimately narrows down the field of choices.

For example, floor tiles need to be highly durable and impact resistant. Therefore, porcelain stoneware makes for the best choices for floor installations. Check out our Floor Tiles for some inspiration!

What… Do You Want Your Space To Look Like?

The aesthetic qualities of your chosen tile is a key defining factor in the decision making process. With an abundance of choice available, it’s important to understand which designs, styles & effects draw your eye.

Stuck for a place to start? SOCIAL MEDIA. The open expanse of image-based content via social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram is a fantastic inspiration generator. Pinterest can be overwhelming but if you put in the right terms then you are bound to get some thought provoking results. Simply try searching by application, e.g. ‘Bathroom Tiles’ or by effect ‘Marble Effect’ to release a huge amount of imagery.

From here, you’ll be able to discern what you like & dislike and this is where we come in. If you’ve found a setting that you like the look of, send it over and we will do our best to ‘get the look’ from our collections. It really is as easy as that.

How…Much Is Your Budget?

For many home renovations, your budget plays a primary role in the materials used. When it comes to tile, ceramic and porcelain tiles offer the best value for money. These types of tiles are strong, durable, and affordable. Natural stone tiles can cost a little more, but their beauty is certainly worth the extra cost if you have the money to spend.

We have tiles that will fit all ends of the spectrum. Our Sale Collection doesn’t compromise on quality or style. We have a large selection of floor & wall tiles that will suit most tastes and design requirements.

Help is on hand…

Don’t fret, we are here to assist you with your project. If its design related or tile specific, our knowledgeable and experience team can advise you and answer any questions you may have.

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