A Comprehensive Overview of our Wetroom Systems

A Comprehensive Overview of our Wetroom Systems

What is a Wetroom?

A correctly installed wetroom provides a totally waterproofed and tanked shower solution, whereby the entry to the shower is level with the rest of the bathroom. A pre-formed shower tray lies beneath the surface of the tiled floor which is embedded and supported by the subfloor joists. This shower tray acts as a waterproofing membrane, as well as providing the necessary slope required for effective drainage. There is a combination of other tanking materials for the walls and perimeter of the shower tray, which are necessary to create the fully tanked shower area.

Tanking Wetroom Walls

Walls in a wetroom are treated just like those in any shower/bathroom setting. The appropriate tanking materials should be used to make sure that the walls are 100% waterproof. There are three different methods for wall tanking:

Waterproofing Membrane
Our friends over in Germany, Schluter; have long since been associated with providing trustworthy tanking solutions. They provide a familiar orange membrane to those in the trade, called Schluter-KERDI. The membrane is a crack bridging waterproof membrane made of soft polyethylene which has a special fleece coating in order to bond with tile adhesives. The system is completed with the joint tape (Kerdi-Keba), corner pieces (Kerdi-Kereck) and waterproof adhesive (Kerdi-Coll).

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
We stock a product by Mapei, called Mapelastic Aquadefense which has revolutionised the way a bathroom is waterproofed – this is due to the application; a two-coat paint-on, quick drying waterproof membrane. Mapei has their own version of the joint tape (Mapeband) and corners, which should be used in combination with the liquid membrane.

Construction Boards
Thirdly, there is a range of construction boards called Delta Board which is manufactured using high density rigid extruded polystyrene to help act as insulation beneath underfloor heating. It also has a cementitious coating which acts as a waterproof membrane. Once again, the boards are to be used with a waterproof joint tape and adhesive to ensure the system cannot be compromised – you can chose the Schluter-KERDI or Mapelastic Aquadefense system for this.

Floor Level Shower Trays

The pivotal part of any wetroom is selecting the floor level system which supports the drainage & tile alike. Our newly developed DeltaTray ranges by PCS are a pre-formed shower tray that is lightweight, waterproof and robust. The versatility of the tray and ancillary components are compatible with all possible bathroom layouts for installations with natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles. The easy cut base allows the tray to be trimmed-to-fit the site conditions. There are two options to consider; a Trent (linear drain cover) or Thames (square drain cover).

DeltaTray Trent

As part of this new premium range, the linear DeltaTray Trent offers a unique linear drainage system. The grate/frame can show an ultramodern brushed stainless steel cover, or if favoured you can rotate the grate and be ‘tiled-into’. The secondary feature is one that is generally exploited by our customers, due to the reduced visibility of the drain position which provides a minimalistic aesthetic.

From a technical performance point of view, the new tray offers new features such as a factory fitted gasket which acts as a sturdy secondary level of waterproofing around the drain. PCS have improved the hard-wearing cementitious coating that provides resistance to impact, making the tray suitable for mosaics as small as 20mm x 20mm chip size.

DeltaTray Thames

The DeltaTray Thames offers an incredibly adaptable set of trays; they are available in numerous different sizes in two drain positions (Centre & Offset) – there isn’t a space that these trays will not work in. The Thames range functions in exactly the same way as the Trent, the only difference being the aesthetic of the drain. If you are after a more decorative grate design, then there are eight architecturally designed brushed stainless steel grid covers to add that touch of elegance on your wetroom floor.

Benefits of choosing a Floor Level Wetroom:

1 - 100% on trend & stylish

This trend has been present for a number of years and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Wetrooms look sleek, modern and spacious. What more could you want?

2 – Add value to your property

The aesthetic value of a wetroom system would be an obvious addition to the value of a property. However, practically, a properly installed wetroom provides a 100% waterproof system in an environment that is susceptible to leaks over time.

3 – Less maintenance

Resin shower trays are notoriously maintenance intensive with the staining present after a few uses. By choosing a large format porcelain tile, you would be minimising your grout surface area and maximising the practicality of the non-porous surface of porcelain.

4 – Greater design versatility

As previously mentioned, the tray can be used with a variety of materials in a multitude of sizing formats, this opens the avenue to a number of different design/visual opportunities. Perhaps the most important design factor is the possibility of creating more space in a small bathroom. Without the presence of a large bath/shower quad unit, the open plan shower gives the feeling of more space.

5 – Affordable

As the trend continues to gain popularity, the value of the product itself becomes more tolerable. There was a time when wetroom would be highly costly. Our range of trays are very competitively priced and are unlikely to break the bank and if installed correctly there will be little-to-no chance of leaks in the future.

Things to Avoid:

We know as well as you do; from a visual perspective, wetroom designs have the capability of making your bathroom look spectacular. If they’re not completed properly or kitted out with the unsatisfactory material, then you could be looking at a costly error to fix.

1 – Tanking, Tanking, Tanking!

The performance of the wetroom relies upon your fitter making every effort to ensure no water can escape through the walls or joints. If you are able to view your wetroom mid-installation, then make sure there are no corners being cut; you would want to see every joint between floor, walls and membrane covered in a membrane of some description.

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2 – Slip Resistance

The surface of your tile has to be suitable for an environment where it will be wet and you will be barefoot. Mosaics are a fantastic option because provide a natural slip resistance through grout lines. Or consider an anti-slip porcelain tile such as the Dolphin Aged range which looks spectacular on a wetroom floor. For further detail on choosing the correct tile for your wetroom, review our article on Slip Resistance Explained!

At European Heritage, we stock everything you require to ensure you have a successful and long lasting wetroom set-up. Should you require any further technical information, please feel free to give our sales team a call and we will endeavour to assist you further. We offer free, no obligation design consultations where we can take you through the set-up of a wetroom from the very beginning.

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