When Victorian Tiles Are the Right Product for the Job

If you take a look at pictures of homes taken during the Victorian era, one thing stands out – Victorian-era homes were designed with an eye on detail. And this is true from the moulding, all the way down to the flooring tiles. Every Victorian-era home was intrinsically beautiful, richly adorned, and a general sight to behold.

Today, Victorian tiles are once again finding their place within the home design industry, thanks to their timeless appeal and romantic heritage. Here’s everything you need to know about Victorian tiles and when they make the ideal product for the job.


What Is So Special About Victorian Tiles?

Victorian tiles are unlike other flooring tiles in that they tend to be highly detailed and used to create eye pleasing and geometrically focused installations. Because of this, these tiles tend to exude elegance and sophistication. After all, this type of tile is what was once used to adorn the floors of England’s most prominent cathedrals and monasteries. They were also traditionally found in the homes of British aristocrats.


Where Should Victorian Tiles Be Used?

Unlike standard tile flooring products, Victorian tiles add drama and interest to any room or space they’re used in. But that doesn’t mean that they’re suitable for any room, or for that matter, any home. These tiles are used to create Edwardian patterns in classically styled halls, kitchens, bathrooms, and conservatories, so the setting should complement the charming aesthetic being delivered by the flooring, otherwise the look just wouldn’t work.

Victorian tiles are also commonly used to reconstruct elegant pathways and patios because they’re extraordinarily durable and capable of standing up to tremendous foot traffic.


How Can Victorian Tiles Be Used in a Contemporary Home?

Not all Victorian tiles are intrinsically designed. Some products feature solid colour patterns while others have designs that are both simplistic and refined. In a contemporary home, these types of tiles can produce stunning floors and walls in the kitchen, bathrooms, the living room, and elsewhere.

For instance, the Art Deco style of Orly 442x442mm tiles introduces a classic look to any room, thanks to its traditional black and white pattern. As a result, it’s a popular pick for bringing a clean Victorian look to any kitchen floor. Other black and white patterns are available from European Heritage’s inventory of Collage Negro 450x450mm tiles. Or, if you want a Victorian look with more colour and richness, then choose from more than 100 designs included in our selection from Original Style’s Victorian Floor Tile range and the Odyssey Grande and Primo ranges. Visit our Fulham showroom to view the possibilities.


Shop for Victorian Tiles at European Heritage and Save

There’s nothing like Victorian tiles to add instant interest and a unique atmosphere to almost any space. These tiles are so enchanting, it’s no wonder why so many modern homeowners are finding ways to incorporate them into their home designs.

If you want to bring a touch of 1800s England into your new home, then visit the European Heritage showroom, or shop our website today for our large selection of Victorian tiles. We are your complete tile resource. We have a tiles in all shapes and sizes and from many of the world’s foremost tile manufacturers. And, with European Heritage, you’ll get everything you need to complete your project for less.

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