Stone Effect Design

These days you don’t have to buy natural stone to get that warm and elegant feel that it provides.  Stone effect porcelain often cannot be distinguished from the real thing even by experts like us at European Heritage!

And what’s more, porcelain is totally maintenance and hassle free.  So why would you want all the headache that comes with natural stone if porcelain can achieve the same effect?

Whether you are looking for limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate or marble for example you need look no further than European Heritage’s vast range of stone effect porcelain.

Check out some of our beautiful stone effect tiles in situ!

Dark Sand

Black Earth

Valmalenco Grigio

Valmalenco Anthracite

Downtown - Top Left: Downtown Ash Rtt, Downtown Earth Rtt, Top Right:Downtown Earth Rtt, Bottom Left:Downtown Ecru Rtt, Bottom Right: Downtown Graphite Rtt

Renaiss - Top Left: Renaiss Navona Rtt , Top Right:Renaiss Ivory Rtt, Bottom:Renaiss Silver Rtt

Jura - Top Left:Jura Beige RTT, Top Right:Jura Multicolour RTT, Bottom:  Jura Grey RTT

Evolution - Left: Evolution Grigio, Right:Evolution Greige

Pietra Alabastro – Top Left: Alabastro Ivory RTT, Top Right:Alaastro Beige RTT, Bottom:Alabastro Grey RTT

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