Split Face Stone Cladding - What? Where? How?

Split face stone cladding adds instant eye-appeal to any application. It is richly defined and heavily detailed, and because it really is genuine stone, it brings the natural beauty of the outdoors inside. Stone cladding consists of a thin layer of stone, which is used in certain applications to give the project a rustic stone finish without the added weight and cost of using full-size stones.

Split face stone cladding at its essence is a cost-effective way to transform any living space into a one-of-a-kind showstopper.

Common Uses for Split Face Stone Cladding

Split face stone cladding is commonly used to create feature walls inside the home. As a result, this product is often used to accent fireplaces, as decorative backsplashes, and anywhere else one wants to add a stunning focal point.

Split stone cladding can also be used in outdoor installations. They are commonly used to accent outdoor fireplaces, raised flower beds, water features, and any other vertical surface. This product adds sophistication and natural elegance to any outdoor living space, thus allowing the space to blend seamlessly with the natural environment that surrounds it.

Installing Split Face Stone Cladding Is Easy

Split stone cladding looks like stone because it is. It is most commonly made from slate, sandstone, or travertine. The material is typically installed in a staggered manner, which gives the final product a layered or textured look. Best of all, this is a versatile and low-maintenance upgrade that can be easily installed with just a few simple tools, and a basic understanding of building and tiling.

Benefits of Split Face Stone Cladding

There are a number of benefits that accompany the use of split face stone cladding.  As stated earlier, this product allows you to get the look and feel of real stone without the weight and cost concerns. But that's not all this resilient product offers. Split face stone cladding is available in a wide selection of designs and colors, thus offering you an endless possibility of design options.

Stone wall cladding is available in a variety of different stone types, including marble and slate. It can be purchased in convenient sheets, or easy to install individual stones. Because of its light weight, it can be added safely to most existing structures without too much concern. When used and installed properly, split face stone cladding presents the appearance of having been constructed out of stone. Most importantly, this product allows you to take full advantage of your imagination, so you can make your current home the home of your dreams.

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