Porcelain Tiles Slip Rating and Outdoor Use

As our readers now know, there is nothing more practical and versatile than porcelain tiles.  That’s why for interior spaces as well exterior, porcelain tiles are the best solution.

Probably the most important thing to consider for your exterior tiles is slip resistance.  Although we don’t get much snow and ice on the ground in the UK, we do get a lot of rain, which can create a slippy surface.  Most all tiles come with a “slip rating” which can technically help you decide what finishes are appropriate to use externally (UK Health and Safety Laboratories’ tile slip resistance).  However, opinions vary from person to person on what tile finishes are considered slippy under foot as they are subject to factors such as the area in which the tiles will be fitted and who will be walking on them (eg., adults, kids, elderly).  Our expert staff are happy to offer our thoughts and guide you on this matter, but we would also advise you to consider for yourself what finish you should choose, according to your needs.

That being said, one probably wouldn’t choose a polished tile to use outside as this could be downright dangerous!  Not to worry; all of our tiles come in a matt finish, which range from very smooth to very rough.  One could certainly opt for a reasonably smooth finish but if you’ve got kids or elderly about, or host a lot of parties in the garden, then you may consider choosing tiles with a rougher surface.  For example, our Stonedesign Rope tile pictured below has a slip rating of R10, and has a slightly rougher texture than the tiles pictured above, which may be a better option for those who have concerns about slipping.

Many of our commercial clients want to ensure a very low risk of slipping and thus go for porcelain tiles with a high slip rating such as our Conproj Grey RB.  You can see by the close up photo below that this tile comes with a “hammered” or “stippled” finish providing a very rough surface which creates a lot of grip under foot.   Just like all of our porcelain, these tiles are perfect for patios, entranceways, gardens, roof terraces, residential or commercial, and have a high non-slip factor.

So next time you’re in the showroom looking for exterior tiles, let us guide you through the different finishes to find the tile that perfectly suits your needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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