Popular Tiles For Your Garden And Home Exterior

Top 3 Tile Brands for Use in the Garden or Exterior of the Home

Tile makes for the ideal walking surface for the exterior of the home. From patios and gardens to entranceways and roof terraces, tiles provide a beautiful and resilient solution for any residential or commercial application. And today’s high-end porcelain stoneware tiles are made with non-slip attributes, so you never have to worry about losing your footing, even on the rainiest or coldest of days.

Considering using tiles to spruce up the exterior of your home or office? Here are our top three tile ranges recommended for use in the exterior of the home.

Concrete Project (Conproj)

Conproj is a line of full-thickness porcelain stoneware tiles from Imola Ceramica that’s specifically designed for use in modern architecture, and for exterior covering solutions. This brand of tile delivers a clear contemporary feel to any outside application and they’re just as suitable for use on ventilated facades as they are for high-traffic walking zones. Minimalistic in style, Conprojtiles offer flooring that is highly modular in different sizes depending on requirements and the desired visual effect.

Conproj tiles are available in five colours ranging in hues from White to Dark Grey, and in sizes 600mm x 300mm, 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 1200mm and 1200mm x 1200mm.

Micron M2.0

Micron M2.0 tiles are among our best-selling brands for a reason. These exterior-friendly tiles feature surface textures with an extra bit of grip, making them easy to walk on and slip-proof in all types of weather. But the surprising thing is that the tile’s higher level of grip doesn’t compromise its ease of maintenance.

The M2.0 tiles are the second generation of one of ImolaCeramica’s bestsellers, with the new tile line designed to deliver more of a contemporary perspective. As one might expect from Imola Ceramica, the Micron 2.0 line of tiles combines innovative technology with an updated colour palate and formats of 600mm x 600mm and 300mm x 600mm sized tiles.

Thick by Imola Ceramica

Thick is one of ImolaCeramica’s newest and most innovative collections of exterior tiles. True to its name, this line of tiles is manufactured from 20mm thick sheets of high-performance and expertly engineered porcelain stoneware. They are anti-slip, easy to clean, and require very little maintenance.

The beauty of Thick tiles is two-fold. They are not only easy to lay, but they provide exceptional durability and performance. And Thick tile surfaces are able to resist loads, frost, salt, and mould, making them the ideal choice for all main private and public outdoor areas, including your paths, driveways, gardens, terraces and more. Thick tiles are available in Almond, Beige, Grey and Dark Grey, and tiles are sized extra-large at 600mm x 600mm.  

Honorable Mention: Slabstone

Slabstone’s 20mm-thick tiles make them perfect for any outdoor application, including high-traffic public spaces. What makes these tiles so popular is that they can be easily laid on gravel, grass and even on raised or uneven surfaces. And they can be easily removed and repositioned without requiring cement-based adhesives (when used in a temporary application). Add to this impressive durability and extremely high mechanical strength and resistance, and you’ll see why Slabstone tiles make for an excellent temporary or permanent walkway solution.

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