Fresh Design Ideas

Whether you are overflowing with design ideas or about to tear your hair out, European Heritage can provide that spark you need to start turning your home into the space of your dreams! We will get you on the right track by suggesting innovative design ideas while utilizing our large format tile displays so you won’t have to imagine what your room will look like. It’s all right there in front of you!

Free Samples

We encourage our customers to bring in samples of their countertops, vanity units, cabinetry, paint, etc, so they may compare them to our tiles on the spot in the showroom. But we know that this is not always possible and sometimes you may need a little more help! Our complimentary samples will help you make the right decision and choose the ideal tile for any room.

How much will it cost to run my European Heritage underfloor heating system?

This is a very common question and the simple answer is that running costs are determined by many different factors there are and should never be a negative factor. It costs much less than you think! It is a common misconception that electric underfloor heating is expensive to run. It is not. However, it is too easy to say “how long is a piece of string” and so the following is considered a sensible explanation.

European Heritage Underfloor Heating

Well go ahead and bin those slippers because underfloor heating is a luxury you can afford! European Heritage underfloor heating is incredibly economical and most of our customers find they are able treat themselves to a little more comfort with their tile purchase without breaking the bank. We stock underfloor heating for any size room, large or small. Whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, living area, or bedroom, you can keep your feet warm around the whole house for literally a few pennies a day! And because all of our tiles are compatible with underfloor heating, you aren’t limited to choosing tiles that may not be a perfect fit for your home.

What size tiles should I use?

“Bigger is better!” is our invariable response to this most frequently asked question. The days of small ceramic tiles are over. We’ve all seen bathrooms with small ceramic tiles on the walls and it sometimes seems there is more grout than there are tiles. And the laborious task of cleaning grout inch by inch one would not wish upon their worst enemy!

Tiling Advice

At European Heritage, we pride ourselves not only on quality and pricing, but also on our broad knowledge of anything to do with tiling. We have answers to anything from technical aspects like tanking, wetroom construction, drainage, leveling, to aesthetic queries such as design tips and those important finishing touches. Whatever your question, we have the solution!

In What Format Should I Lay My Tiles?

The way in which you lay your tiles can have a big impact on any room. Whatever size the tile, you can create the style you want simply by arranging your tiles in a certain way. The most common sizes of tiles today are 600X600mm and 600X300mm. Now, even with a big square size such as 600X600mm you can get a bit creative and obtain different visual effects. For a modern, seamless look, one may simply lay the tiles in a grid pattern or “straight joint,” like so:

Concrete Effect Tiles

European Heritage are well aware that concrete-effect tiles are one of the most in-vogue floor and wall coverings out there at the moment, and that’s why we have searched long and hard to find the best concrete-effect tiles for you at the best prices. We strive to be on the cutting-edge of fashion trends and to stock only the latest and greatest, so find your concrete-effect tiles here at our usual fantastic prices!

Schlüter® Trims and Profiles

Most of our porcelain tiles are full-bodied, meaning that the edges of the tiles are the same colour as the surface, however, sometimes one can see the rather unsightly adhesive behind the tile and/or the saw-blade marks on the edge of the tile.

How do I keep my Grout clean?

If you don’t know what a pain cleaning grout can be, you don’t want to know! Grout is inherently a rough and porous substance, and that’s why dirt finds its way into it quite easily. And for the same reason, it is quite difficult to remove. Although grout will inevitably accumulate dirt, we have a couple preventative measures one can take to make it easier to clean.