We’ve all heard those occasional creaks and groans around the house as it settles and shifts into a more comfortable position. And of course, in this process, there is always quite a bit of movement occurring. That’s why over time you may see cracks in your plastered walls that seemingly appear out of nowhere. The same applies to floors.

Grout Discolouring & Protection

Grout is a thin mortar that is used in the building and tile industry to fill the joints between tiles. When installed and sealed properly, grout locks the tiles down tight, while protecting the substrate from being exposed to moisture.

Preparing Your Sub-Floor For New Tiles – How To Guide

Replacing the flooring in a room not only gives it a fresh and inviting new look, but it can also add improved value and functionality to the home.

How To Properly Clean and Maintain Tiles

Tile is a common material used in kitchens and bathrooms because it is resilient, but it does require proper cleaning and maintenance.

How to Select Tiles for Your Remodel

If you're remodeling your home to make it more comfortable, beautiful, and functional, then tile is most likely on your short list of building materials. But with so many different types and varieties of tile available, how can you ensure that you're choosing the right tile for the job?

All About Radiant Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating might be something that's considered new to the modern home construction industry, but truth be told, it has been around for centuries. The ancient Romans originally devised a system that involved slaves who would fan wood-burning fires underneath elevated marble flooring, thus warming the otherwise usually cold flooring surface.

Contemporary Versus Traditional Kitchen Tiles and Design Ideas

The term “contemporary style” is often used to describe a kitchen that is designed with current trends in mind. As a result, contemporary designs from yesteryear are actually considered retro designs today.

Kitchen Splashbacks – Common Questions And Materials

Splashbacks not only serve an important role in helping to protect a wall’s substrate from water damage, but it also looks great in a home’s most heavily used asset.

Modern Tile Design – Patterned Porcelain Tiles

Patterned porcelain tiles start out just like standard, solid-coloured porcelain tiles. They are made from a combination of crushed clay, quartz, silica, flint or feldspar

Porcelain Vs Natural Stone Tiles – Product Comparison

Porcelain and stone are two of the most popular tile choices. European Heritage helps you find out which one is best suited for your application.