Our Mosaics

Mosaics are a great way to add a bit of panache to any room.  Whether you’re using them as a feature wall, a shower floor, a splashback, a bath panel, or a border, for example, these little tiles can have a big impact on any space in the house.

Although there are endless combinations of tiles and mosaic tiles we offer, our D’Interno range is a good place to start by way of example.  This range has proven to be a big hit with our customers, not only because this chic porcelain tile range has a stunning array of modern color tones, but an even more versatile selection of complimentary mosaics.

Have a look at our lovely D’Interno Silktiles with D’Interno Blend Moka Mosaic as an accenting feature behind the sink and toilet.  Mosaic feature strips are a great focal point to accompany a simple but elegant ultra-modern tile like D’Interno Silk.

Although the feature mosaic chosen in this case is the Moka Blend, one can, depending on their taste, chose from any of these blends or colors, and they all look stunning with not only D’Interno Silk but also D’Interno Moka, and D’Interno Argento.

Left: D’Interno Blend Moka Mosaic, Right: D’Interno Blend Argento Mosaic

Left to Right: D’Interno Vetro Silk, D’Interno Vetro Gris, D’Interno Vetro MokaD’Interno Vetro Argento

As well as the warm, earthy toned tiles in the D’Interno range, we also offer three lovely grey tones (D’Interno Fumo, D’Interno Gris and D’Interno Grigio) along with an alluring selection of  grey mosiacs.

Marry any of these D’Interno mosaics with Fumo, Gris, or Grigio to create a lovely combination…

Top (left to right): Harmony Black Gloss, Harmony Argento Gloss, Harmony Moka Gloss

Bottom (left to right): Harmony Black Matt, Harmony Argento Matt, Harmony Moka Matt

Of course, the D’Interno range makes up only a fraction of the combination of mosaics and tiles we offer, so for more ideas be sure to view our full range of mosaics.

Don’t forget, we are official retailers of Original Style who offer not only a brilliant range of mosaics but also a wide range of porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, and metal tiles.  Please view their ranges here and call or email us for Original Style pricing.

We understand that the statement you make with your mosaics will be a lasting one, so be sure to visit our showroom and take advantage of our terrific selection of mosaics!

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