Metro Tiles!

These little beauties are one of our best sellers and there’s no doubt these affordable tiles can add a lot of panache to any area of your home. Lay them in brick-bond formation or straight-joint to give any space new life and style that will stand the test of time. Because these tiles continue to break through fashion trends year in and year out, they are always in high demand by contractors, designers, and retail customers alike. If you’re after a clean and crisp look opt for the flat version and transform a dull, ordinary wall into a bright and refreshing one. If you’d like to add a bit more flare and prefer the “subway” look, go with the bevelled version.

Worried about your white grout getting dirty over time? Many commercial establishment like restaurants overecome this problem by using grey grout with their metro tiles. Not only is this effective in hiding dirt but the grey grout creates a nice contrast, offsetting the shiny, white surface of the tiles, making them stand out even more.

By the same token, the black version of these tiles look absolutely stunning with a bright white grout, offsetting the black colour of the tiles and providing definition.

You can see from these examples that the grout colour plays a big role in the overall look, and depending on what type of look you’re going for you can play around with different grout colours to see what best suits your sense of style.

Take our Mapei® glitter grout, for instance. This grout opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! If you want to spruce up one of your walls or even all of them, pick your favourite base colour and simply add your preference of silver or gold glitter. Many of our designers like to use this combination for children’s bathrooms where they want to use something playful and fun. It’s a great way to add some charisma to any room without spending a fortune.

Perhaps you’re more of a “matt finish” person? Not to worry. All three sizes, flat or beveled, are offered in both gloss and matt! Choose whatever colour you feel would make your kitchen or bathroom most fabulous.

Don’t forget our warehouse is just down the road where your metro tiles are waiting for you!

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