Grout – What Type and What Colour to Use?

Gardenia 61164 Onice Mosaico Lustro Tessera Nero with Kerapoxy Design 770 and Silver Glitter

At European Heritage we have tried and tested all types of grout from the world’s leading manufacturers.  After inspecting the quality and range of colours we have chosen to supply grout from two of Europe’s most prominent adhesives/building products manufacturers, Mapei and Kerakoll.  Most of the grout we sell is from Mapei’s Ultracolour Plus range and Kerakoll’s Fugabella Eco range, both of which boast a fantastic colour selection to suit any tile from European Heritage, whether porcelain, ceramic, or stone.  Ultracolour Plus and Fugabella Eco are made with special cements and polymers that produce the following properties:

  • Flexibility

  • Anti-mould

  • Water-repellant (drop-effect)

  • Shrinkage compensated (prevents cracking)

  • Acid Resistant

The above characteristics ensure that Mapei and Kerakoll grout meet and exceed the highest standards and specifications in the industry.

We are happy to guide you through the grout colours that best complement your tiles.  In lieu of the industry progression toward rectified porcelain, which delivers a more seamless look, it is often best to choose a grout colour which matches as close as possible to the colour of the tile, which assists rectification in the goal of making the room appear more spacious.  For instance, if you were to choose a cream tile such as our D’Interno Silk Polished, the closest and most suitable grout colour would be Jasmin 130 from Mapei or Kerakoll’s slightly lighter shade, Pergamon 50.

Terratinta White with Kerakoll Pergamon Grout

Of course, there are instances in which the grout colour should complement the tile by off-setting it, which is often the case with mosaic tiles.  Say, for example, you’re trying to choose a grout to go with a dark grey mosaic feature wall in a shower such as Harmony Black Matt Mosaic.  In this situation the grout colour should not necessarily match the colour of the tile but instead accent the tile colour to bring out the character in the mosaic.  An appropriate colour may be Mapei Ultracolour Silver Grey 111 or Kerakoll Iron Grey 04, depending on your preference.  On the other hand, say you have a plain white tile (eg., Tripoli White Gloss Rectified) or a plain mosaic (eg., clear glass mosaic white brick) and you want to add some character and spice it up a bit.  A great way to add some pizazz to plain tiles such as these is to use a new and exciting product on the market by Mapei called Mapeglitter which is an epoxy-based grout mixed with either silver or gold glitter.  Instead of your normal coloured cement adhesive, the Mapeglitter is to be mixed with your choice of base colours from the Kerapoxy Design range, such as Translucent (700), Ice White (710), Pink (716), Turquoise (730), Blue (740), and Red (750), to name a few.

Gardenia 61161 Onice Mosaico Tessera Grigio with Kerapoxy Design 710 with Light Gold Glitter

Your choice of grout can have a big impact on the look of tiles in any room, so make sure you ask the European Heritage staff for our professional opinion before selecting.

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