Choosing the Right Floor and Wall Tiles for the Job

The tile you choose will either work for you or against you, depending on the job. But with so many different styles, sizes, and colours of tile out there to pick from, how can you know which ones are best suited for the job you have in mind?

European Heritage is your complete tile resource, and we want to ensure that you have everything you need for your project to come out beautiful, and exactly as you had originally envisioned it. With that in mind, here are some tips and considerations for choosing the right floor and wall tiles for the job.


Set the Tone You Want With the Right Colour Tile

Tiles come in all manner of colourful hues and tones, and although colour is a personal choice, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind when making your pick. These include:

  • Choose lighter colours to make a smaller space feel larger

  • Choose darker colours if you want to add warmth to the space

  • Choose neutral-tone colours if you like to change your design accessories often

  • Choose vibrant colours if you want to add character or cheerfulness to a space

It’s important to note that both natural stone and man-made tiles can experience subtle variations in colour and shade. As a result, you should always lay a few tiles down in order to get a better feel for the flow of colour, and the true design of the tiles before installing them.


Tile Texture Matters

Tiles come in both matt and smooth, or polished, finishes and where they are going to be installed will play a role in which finish you choose. For example, you’ll want polished tile for the walls of your shower or kitchen, but you’ll want to use matte tile for your bathroom flooring. The reason is because the polished tile makes it easier to keep the shower and kitchen walls clean while the matt tile will provide you with more secure footing in a wet location like the bathroom.

Despite this general rule of thumb, however, many homeowners still choose polished marble or porcelain tiles in areas like the bathroom, entryway, and kitchen because they value the look and feel of the tiles over their lack of slip resistance.


Different Tiles for Different Jobs

Today, there are dozens of different types of tiles on the market, but the most popular out there remain stone, wood-effect, concrete-effect, and metro tile. And of course, each one has its own uses.

Stone tile is an all-around performer that is just as comfortable in wet locations as anywhere else in the home. It fits with all decors and wears extremely well, making it excellent for high-traffic areas.

Wood-effect tile is not actual wood at all. It is a man-made porcelain tile that has been made to look like natural wood through digital inkjet technology. Like stone tiles, this type of tile is good for wet and dry locations and capable of withstanding plenty of foot traffic.

Concrete-effect tile is timeless in its beauty and it can accommodate a wide range of design styles. It lends the room a more sophisticated and functional look, making these tiles popular choices for minimalistic designs, as well as for industrial looks.

Metro tiles are one of the all-time favourites for bathroom and kitchen walls because they create a unique, striking look. White subway tiles are perennial bestsellers, but recent additions like glass and metal subway tiles have started making their way into more and more installations of late.


European Heritage Has the Tiles You Need to Complete Your Project

If you’re looking for the right tile for the job, then visit the European Heritage showroom or shop our website online, today. As your complete tile resource, we have a huge variety of tiles in all shapes and sizes, and from many of the world’s foremost tile manufacturers. And we have all of the tools and materials you need to ensure your job is done right, too!

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