*Please note: all images are for illustrative purposes only and variations in texture and colour may apply.

Marbletech White Matte 1200x1200x6.5mm

Classic touches blend with cutting-edge technology to create Marbletech White, a unique yet infinite project. Its uniqueness, in fact, lies in the development of 7 new graphic designs in the large 120x240 cm format, just 6.5 mm thick. A unique innovation that offers ample solutions to modern architecture to decorate commercial and residential environments with a touch of refined elegance.

Size(in mm)1200 x 1200 x 6.5
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Price per m2£115.20 £80.00 30.56 % Off
Equivalent to £230.40 per Box
Box Quantity 2
Addition of 10%


Please note that an additional 10% has been added to the total cost for natural wastage

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