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Acidic Grey 1200x1200x6.5mm

The value of uniqueness. Acidic brings together research carried out on the metals used in modern architecture. The experience gained from tradition combined with the imagination that drives innovation has led to the production of these unique metal-inspired lines in realistic shades: Iron: it is inspired by the steel sheets that, due to the wearing and acid-etched processing, returns a slightly iridescent surface with tonal passages from silver to blue / black; Grey: for rigorous, eclectic and contemporary design. Metal Color: natural and industrial: two features that convey unique hues as they perfectly blend with rust tones.

Size(in mm)1200 x 1200 x 6.5
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Price per m2 £84.60
Equivalent to £243.65 per Box
Box Quantity 2
Addition of 10%


Please note that an additional 10% has been added to the total cost for natural wastage

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