*Please note: all images are for illustrative purposes only and variations in texture and colour may apply.

Downtown Ash Rtt 600x600mm

DOWNTOWN is a new collection that holds different and varied materic inspirations to give life to a surface, new and original, in which stories of city paths can be read. They are fragments that remain fixed indelibly in the memory, the stones, the pebbles, the sidewalks’ concrete, trampled on thousands of times, become a unique and inseparable material, of which the chromatic variations indicate the belonging to a place. Here then are the four colourings of Downtown - Ivory, Ecru, Earth, Ash – that allow to play with a past that is also modern, making it a refined ingredient of projects of a fully contemporary taste.

Size(in mm)600 x 600 x 9
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Price per m2 £50.10
Equivalent to £54.11 per Box
Box Quantity 3
Addition of 10%


Please note that an additional 10% has been added to the total cost for natural wastage

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