*Please note: all images are for illustrative purposes only and variations in texture and colour may apply.

Vernici Cloudy Azure 250x50mm

Vernici is a collection that starts from color, in 14 original, bold and blasting hues. Extruded white body ceramic in 5x25cm size, 10mm thickness with irregular edges, in different moulds with a shiny effect giving a craftmanship look: a unique color palette created specifically upon the latest trends within interior design and wall coverings. From neutral colors to green’s, blue’s, pink’s, yellow and metal shades: Sartoria keeps on its research within small sizes, this time with a project where colors and eclectic identities are playing the main role.

Size(in mm)250 x 50 x 10
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Price per m2 £69.60
Equivalent to £41.76 per Box
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Please note that an additional 10% has been added to the total cost for natural wastage

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