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Fila Cleaner Pro Universal Neutral Floor Detergent 1ltr

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Price per unit £10.08

Product Overview

Fila Cleaner, A Gentle detergent for all floors. Safe for Pre-treated and sensitive surfaces. Essential for Cleaning of acid sensitive material such as polished natural stone or polished agglomerates.

Key Features

Cleans without damaging the surface, pH neutral. when highly diluted (1:200) it leaves no residue and does not require rinsing, highly concentrated and can be diluted according to use, highly biogradable, diluted 1:200 can be used with a floor cleaning machine * ideal for laminate surfaces.


Dilution as required - from 1-30 to 1;200. Maintenance: dilute to 1:200 and clean the surface with a cloth or an electric floor cleaner, Does not require rinsing, for dirty floors, Dilute 1:30 - 1:50 then clean the surface with a cloth and scrubbing brush, remove dirt and rinse. For initial wash cleaning: Dilute 1:30 and spread with a single disc cleaner with a soft disc ( white or beige ) or a scrubbing brush, remove residue with a vacuum drier or cloths, rinse throughly. Coverage and Dilution : with one litre , maintenance : 1:200 - 1500m2, init, cleaning of stone : 1.30 - 50 m2. coverage rates are approximate and refer to a single coat of the product.


Appearance : Pale yellow liquid. Odour : Lemon fragrance. Density : 1.005 kg/litre, pH 7.2 ( 10% solution in drinking water)


Do not use Fila cleaner on textile or waxed wood floors.