Fila W68 Stain Protection For Terracotta And Natural Stone 1ltr

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Fila W68 Stain Protection For Terracotta And Natural Stone 1ltr

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Price per unit £35.88

Product Overview

Fila W68 seals and provides stain and oil proofing protection on unpolished natural stone, Terraccota and cement. Protects without altering its appearance, for use on interior and exterior application.

Key Features

Natural effect: does not alter the surface appearance, Water Based: it is environmentally friendly and requires a shorter treatment time as it can be applied to sufaces still not completely dry, No film forming, coverage : with one litre Terracotta 10/20 m2, stone 10/20 m2coverage rates are approximate and refer to a single coat of the product


Ready for use, Apply to a perfectly clean floor using a paint brush or fleece. Since this Is a water based product, residual humidity is permissible, after 4 hours it is optinal to complete an internal treatment with 2 coats of fila liquid wax, choose your wax on final appearance required.


Appearance : pale yellow transparent liquid, Odour : alcoholic, Density : 1.010 kg/ litre, Ph: 4.6


Product not frost resistant in container, store at room temperature.