European Heritage Supplies Puma

Published Date : May 23, 2014

The metal effect porcelain has been laid across Puma’s new range of designer shops. Argento, from the Steelwork's collection, is a low maintenance and highly effective porcelain tile that brings 21st century designer flooring into the 21st century designer Westfield shopping mall in west London. The mall boasts the finest designer’s stores, with Puma making a very big impression into a very competitive market. With most shops having a uniquely designed interior and exterior, Puma has also been able to create a stunning shop front and exquisite interior which will definitely attract the attention of passing shoppers.

Puma has definitely found the perfect mix between the straight contemporary lines of the large format steel grey rectified tile, Argento, with the sharp contrast of the retro deep red in many of the displays and the grand entrance to the shop. It is impossible not to notice the shop front as the internally lit, deep red, entrance columns which draw your eyes towards the Puma store as they show their best fashion items in the large glass fronted shop. With so much to choose from inside the store, the floor was heavily walked upon in the first few days of opening, but because such a durable material was chosen, the floor looks the same as it did the day it was laid. Dirt is hardly shown on the floor and if the floor is deemed to be 'dirty', it is very easily cleaned. The floor is likely to take more ware than any other commercial situation, and most defiantly any domestic situation, but because of the properties of a porcelain tile, the floor will not age and will stay in a perfect, easy to maintain, condition for the years to come that Westfield and all Puma's other location wish to trade for.

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