How to effectively utilise the beauty of Mosaic Tiles

Why should you be looking at Mosaics?

The sheer versatility of mosaics should be the first point of consideration. They’re ideal for wall coverings primarily, however they can be used for floor coverings if the correct material is used or it’s a light traffic area (glass). Mosaics are typically supplied on a mesh backing which aids tricky applications on curved or awkward wall shapes.

Mosaics are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to add colour into your room. Depending on how much colour is needed, will define how much will be required. If you wish to be subtle with just a drop of colour then look at bringing a mosaic into a shower recess. Would you like more colour and vibrancy? Then you should consider doing your entire shower.

Given the breadth of materials that can be used to forge mosaics, they bring far more than colour into the equation. Stone mosaics can provide a natural texture to a space without overpowering it with free-flowing colour. We are enjoying the use of hexagonal marble mosaics for bathroom floors or shower walls; it’s a refined way of adding geometric precision alongside the natural beauty of marble.

How to implement Mosaics into your space

We hear clients saying the same things about mosaics repeatedly. They love the idea of them but do not have the patience, willpower nor the budget to tastefully accent a room with a mosaic. So how can you (a hard-working individual in the midst of a renovation project) implement a mosaic into your space? Simply put, you need to decide just how creative you are willing to get with the concept.

A straightforward way of incorporating a mosaic is a feature wall in a bathroom. This can be inside a shower or behind the mirror. Coastal Brick Mosaic lends itself perfectly to a shower enclosure, the blue/grey/brown hues merge to bring a feeling of aquatic bliss. Consider matching a vibrant tonal mosaic like this, with a relatively understated floor tile – let the mosaic be the star of the show!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

#1: Overpopulating a small bathroom with too many mosaics

Mosaics of all descriptions will consume far more grout than your average large format tile. The more grout you have, the busier the space will look which in-turn makes the room feel a lot smaller. Grout also discolours over time, the more grout you have the more unsightly discolouration you will have to put up with.

#2: Choosing the incorrect grout colour for your mosaic

This may seem like a trivial pursuit that you should leave to your tiler a few weeks down the line, however should you not like the result, the process of grouting & re-grouting isn’t an easy task. Consider the look you are going for and base your colour choice around this.  If are you looking to make your mosaic stand out, consider a lighter grout colour. If you have chosen a simple porcelain mosaic, then treat it like you would a porcelain tile and blend the colour as best you can.

#3: Fixing a paper-faced mosaic incorrectly

A few of our ranges are sold with a paper faced front which can be deceiving in relation to a stereotypical mesh-backed mosaic. The face with the paper covering is the face that should be exposed once the mosaics are fixed. Simply fix the mosaics with the paper facing you, and remove the stick on paper with a sponge and water. It is important your tiler is aware of this as rectifying this error will prove incredibly costly in the end.



Sicis bring an ethereal beauty when it comes to designing and manufacturing mosaics. Their stunning showroom in Mayfair showcases their unique creativity. These hand-crafted mosaics can come in virtually any form you wish, from the most ostentatious of artworks for your swimming pool to consistently beautiful glass and stone mosaics. We have an expansive display in our showroom which is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

Original Style

Our friends over at Original Style cover every possible base when it comes to mosaics. Within their collections you will find everything from genuine gold backed mosaics through to porcelain mosaics suitable for heavy-traffic floor coverings.

Spa Range

The Spa range comes in four colourways and is our best-seller given its effortlessly natural aesthetic, not to mention the sheets are fantastic value for money. The colour palette ranges from light white to dark blue/black and this helps complement all sorts of tiles we offer, which inevitably makes your life considerably easier.

European Heritage Is a Leading Supplier of Mosaic Tiles in the UK

Looking for mosaic tiles for your project? European Heritage is home to one of the most diverse selections of mosaic tiles in the UK. Call us today at 020 7381 6063 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our tile experts or just visit one of our store locations. We can help you find the perfect tile, tools, and advice for doing the job right.

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