Using the Marbled Effect to Create Luxury and Glamour in Your Home

The world’s finest hotels know a thing or two about creating a luxurious atmosphere. From the reception desk to the in-room bathrooms, these establishments rely heavily on the look of beautiful marble to deliver a sumptuous and glamourous feel to the atmosphere.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could duplicate that feeling in your own home? With marbled effect tile from European Heritage, you can do just that.


What Is Marble Effect Tile?

Despite its look, marble effect tile is not made from marble. It’s actually a porcelain tile product that is manufactured to mimic the look and feel of genuine marble. When it comes to choosing a tile type for a home installation, genuine marble tile is not only extremely heavy, but it is also very expensive. Further, it needs to be handled very carefully and installed by someone who is experienced with installing the product.

Porcelain tile with a marble effect, on the other hand, is substantially lighter, much more affordable, and easier to work with than real marble. These attributes allow a homeowner to enjoy the look and feel of marble without enduring the excessive cost and maintenance requirements of the real thing.


Where to Use Marble Effect Tile in the Home

Marble effect tile can be used anywhere genuine marble tile would be installed. This type of tile is an exceptional choice for turning any standard bathroom into a luxury getaway. This type of tile can be used on the floors, on the walls, and even in the shower because it is extremely durable and capable of standing up to tremendous wear. And unlike real marble, porcelain marble effect tile is non-porous, so it won’t stain or become damaged when cleaned with chemical-based cleaning products.

Marble effect tile can also be used to create beautiful results in the kitchen. Here, it also stands out particularly well for flooring and wall applications. For a more expensive look, you can have the tile installed throughout your living area so it can enhance the open concept of your home and give it that five-star hotel atmosphere you’re craving. In truth, because of the durability and resiliency of porcelain, these tiles can be used anywhere in the home.


Add Elegance Throughout the Home With Marble Effect Tile From European Heritage

European Heritage has an incredible selection of high-quality marble effect ceramic tiles from some of today’s top international tile producers. We make it easy and affordable to transform your home into something unique, creative, and utterly beautiful.

Shop our online store today or visit one of our showrooms for a look at our premium selection of high-quality marble effect tiles. Find the perfect tiles for your application and as always, you’ll also enjoy taking advantage of our industry-low prices.

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