Using Houzz and Pinterest to Find Design Inspiration for Your Next Tile Job

There’s a reason why home design magazines fly off the shelf so quickly – the home improvement and design industry is 100% driven by visuals. Homeowners want to see how something looks in a home environment before they take a chance and buy it. For example, they want to see how colours play off of each other, and how textures add to the atmosphere of a room, especially in regards to flooring and wall tiles.
This is exactly why using visually driven online resources like Pinterest and Houzz works so well for those who may be looking for ideas and inspiration for their upcoming home improvement and design jobs. These sites provide a real-world look at the tile in action, thus making it easier for a homeowner to envision what it would look like in their own home.


Be Your Own Designer (With Help From These Online Resources)

One of the most challenging parts of being a DIY designer is being able to choose tile that not only suits your own personal sense of style or taste, but tile that also works within your space. When working with a professional designer, the designer will almost always request a client to bring photographs, websites, and magazine articles to help them come up with a design that meets all of these considerations. Most designers also keep large binders filled with photos or finished projects and/or tile samples for their clients to review before the design process really begins.

Today, visually driven sites like Pinterest and Houzz make accessing all of this content easy and convenient, alleviating in many cases the need for a professional home design consultant. All you have to do is visit a website or open up the app on your smartphone and do a search for flooring or wall tile photos. You’ll be granted an almost endless array of inspirational sources to draw from.


Social Media Sites Help Get the Family Involved

Another reason why social media sites work so well in the DIY home improvement field is that they make it easy and enjoyable for the entire family to get involved. You can create an account on Pinterest or Houzz, and then everybody in the family can pin photos of tile they like to your dedicated page as they come across them online. This maximizes your coverage of online ideas, and helps to make everyone in the family feel involved in the big decisions.


Find Inspiration and Tile Resources Online With European Heritage

European Heritage maintains a presence on both Pinterest and Houzz that enables our customers to see what our tile selections look like in real-world situations. We have hundreds of photos showcasing up-close looks at the tiles so you can gain a better perspective of their colours and textures, as well as photos of the tiles installed, together with helpful tips and advice for all manner of projects.

Once you see a tile that inspires you, simply visit European Heritage online and you can purchase the tile direct from our website or from our store in Fulham London. As your complete floor and wall tiling resource, we have everything you need to design your project and install and maintain your tiles, including cleaning and maintenance products, tools, and other helpful resources.

Get inspired today with our Houzz and Pinterest pages, and then shop for tiles online at European Heritage. You’ll save a lot of money on your project without compromising quality!

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