The Fulham Housing Market Is Taking Off: What Buyers & Sellers Need to Know

Throughout the year in 2015, the Fulham housing market was found lagging behind a surging market that was happening throughout the rest of London. Most experts attributed this lackluster performance to the rising cost of moving, as well as a slight reduction in interest in million-pound properties in the city.
But since stamp duty reform helped to balance higher taxes at the middle and top-end of the property market, sales have improved in Fulham by two percent, which is a promising start and one that is expected to only improve. With buyers and sellers more price-sensitive than ever in the London housing market, both parties will have to adjust their expectations so they can take full advantage of what the market is currently offering them.


Home Improvement Invigorates a Slow Market in Fulham

One of the best things a home seller can do is to make subtle home improvements to help beautify their home, improving its curb appeal and the value of the sales price. For instance, simply replacing the wall tile in a bathroom, shower, or in the kitchen can reap big rewards. Add new flooring tiles in high traffic areas, and a home that was once sitting idle on the market will turn into a top contender in no time.  

Home improvements such as these help invigorate the market because home buyers don’t want to inherit potential problems. They want move-in ready homes, especially in the Fulham area.  


Tile Work Made Easy in Fulham

If you are trying to sell a home in the Fulham area, or you are thinking about buying a fixer-upper in this part of the city, then you’re fortunate to be in close proximity to European Heritage, one of London’s premier providers of flooring and wall tile.

European Heritage has a showroom located right in Fulham at 48-54 Dawes Road. We also have a warehouse location in London, located at 33-39 Parsons Green Lane. No matter where you live in Fulham, you’re never far away from the UK’s most impressive selection of tiles, which can quickly and easily beautify your home.


Stop By European Heritage in Fulham Today

If you want to improve your odds on the Fulham housing market or you want to add instant appeal to your current home, then stop by European Heritage’s Fulham showroom to see our vast collection of tiles and products.

As your complete tile resource, European Heritage carries everything you need to install and maintain your tiles, including grout, tools, cleaning and maintenance products, and a host of other valuable products and resources to help make your installation go as smoothly as possible.

Shop for wall and flooring tiles online at European Heritage’s website today or pay us a visit in our showroom. Either way, you’ll be able to take advantage of our incredible selection and quality, as well as our ultra-low pricing. We have everything you need to add value and beauty to your Fulham home.

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