Struggling with Small Tile Displays? We can help!

We at European Heritage know that it’s very hard to imagine what a room will look like by viewing only one or two tiles on a display board.  You shouldn’t be left to your own devices to find your perfect tile which is why we’ve always stuck to showcasing the biggest displays we possibly can.

Because a lot of our tiles mimic natural stone, many porcelaintile ranges have a great deal of variation.  This factor is very important in producing tiles that look like the real thing and is something our manufacturers work very hard on.  For this reason it is even more important to view them on a full scale.

A tile such as our Valmalenco Anthracite is a perfect example of the need to view a large display before you pull the trigger on your order.  In order to achieve the look of real marble, manufacturers need to make each tile look unique from the next, just like real stone tiles.  Notice not only the variance in character in these tiles but also the shade difference.  Both of these factors are instrumental in making these tile look as real as possible, and this can only be perceived by viewing a large display with several tiles.

The same goes for our Jura range of porcelain tiles (pictured below) which imitate Jura limestone.  Our friends at Coem Ceramiche sure do know how to make porcelain look like the real thing and this range is no exception.  Just like the Valmalenco range, only when viewed on a full scale can you see how much these tiles look like the real thing.

The same principle applies to mosaic tiles, as they can be ever harder to imagine on a large scale, especially if you’re thinking about using a glitter-grout such as we have done with our Gardenia 61164 Onice Mosaico Lustro Tessera Neromosaics.  You can see here that with this large display you can really get the full scope of how these mosaics would look in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home.

So on your next tiling project don’t leave it to your imagination to visualize your new tiles.  Pop into our Dawes road showroom anytime and let us show you around!

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