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The Top 3 Tile Brands for Use in the Kitchen

There are thousands of tile manufacturers out there; as such, it can be overwhelming for homeowners to find the brand that best meets their needs, style and budget. At European Heritage, we have a unique advantage: we have dealt with a tremendous range of tile brands over the years. We thought it was time we shared our top three tile brands for use in today’s kitchens. Here they are.

Concrete Project (ConProj) by Imola Ceramica

ConProj tiles by Imola Ceramica provide a kitchen’s flooring with a minimalistic, contemporary, cement-like look. The large-size format of ConProj’s tiles provides rooms with a larger and more airy sense of space, thus allowing furniture to truly stand out.

Made from high-quality porcelain, these tiles mimic the look and feel of real concrete, and feature a semi-polished/Lapato finish. While Conprojtiles are available in Cream, Brown, Grey, White, Beige, and Black, the Grey and White have reliably been our bestselling colours.

Geostone Range by Piemmegres

Geostone Range tiles are manufactured by Piemmegres in Italy and they are fast becoming one of the most popular lines of tiles in the world. Geostone is available in a wide range of textures, styles and colours, which makes it exceptional for use in virtually any kitchen design.

Geostone Range tiles by Piemmegres lend a sophisticated look to the modern kitchen, and due to their lightweight yet highly resilient nature, they’re suitable for use on both the walls and floors. When properly cared for, Geostone tiles will last for years with practically no routine maintenance required. This is because the Geostone Range line of tiles is made from a variety of different sedimentary stones, each bringing its own unique colour profile and durability.

The result is a stunning tile that realistically resembles natural stone. Tile sizes include 600mm x 300mm, 600mm x 600mm, and 800mm x 800mm.

Walk Grigio Chiaro

Walk is one of the newest collections of fine porcelain stoneware tiles from Gardenia Orchidea, and of all of the tiles included in this series, the Grigio Chiaro is one of its most popular. This tile is made from glazed porcelain and available in size 80cm x 80cm, which is ideal for large, open spaced kitchens.   

Walk Grigio Chiaro tiles are excellent choices for delicate or elegant decors, as they deliver an unexpected lightness and an authentic expression of contemporary architecture to any modern kitchen.

Honorable Mention: Beestone

With its high quality material, rich details, and sublime texture, it was hard not include the Beestone series of porcelain stoneware tiles from Imola Ceramica on this list. So we’re including it as an honorable mention. This tile provides a simple, natural solution for those wanting to give their kitchens the latest look in architectural and interior design trends.

This brand is regarded for its visual impact, contemporary colours and shades, and tonal range, which runs from white to black (and yet all are fully-reminiscent of natural stone). The Beestone White 90cm x 90cm tile is one of our best sellers, but this tile is also available in 45cm x 90cm, 60cm x 60cm, and in white, beige, grey, dark grey, and black.

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