How to Choose the Right Colour of Grout for Metro/Brick Tiles

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Colour Grout for Your Tiles

When it comes to choosing wall tiles for your home remodeling project, selecting the tile itself only makes up half of your overall decision. You still have to choose the right colour grout to go along with the tile. For many people, choosing grout colour is the more difficult of the two steps.
But, it doesn’t have to be. This guide will help you choose the right colour grout to complement your rectangular metro or brick wall tile.

Step 1: Choose Your Tile
Although white metro tiles are among the most popular in use today, metro tiles actually come in a variety of different colours, tones, and finishes. For instance, European Heritage has metro tiles in grey, brown, green, ash blue, black, tan, and other colours. And, their finishes range from matte to gloss to crackle glaze and more. Once you choose the type and colour metro tile you’re going to use, then you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Do You Want the Grout to Stand Out or Blend in With the Tile?
Grout should either complement your colour of tile or blend in with it. They should never work against each other for attention. For instance, white tile will stand out crisp when paired with a dark grey coloured grout, or it will look ultra clean and monolithic when used with a white or off-white grout, but using a tan coloured grout just doesn’t deliver the same impact.  

Step 3: What to Consider With Like-Coloured Grout
If you want to use a grout colour that blends in with your metro tile, then you need to make sure that the tiles you choose are uniform in colour and tone, especially if you’re choosing white or light coloured tile.
The reason for this is because when you use a grout that blends in with the tile, the grout joints won’t be visible from a distance. Installing a batch of tiles that aren’t uniform will result in glaring visual inconsistencies in the final product. Also, your maintenance needs will increase with a blended wall.

Step 4: What to Consider With Contrasting Coloured Grout
If you prefer to use grout that contrasts with the colour of your tile, then you have considerations here as well. Because of the striking contrast, accuracy in tile placement is an absolute must. Even the smallest deviation can be noticed. But, a contrasting grout colour does allow stains to be less noticeable. When it complements both the tile and the kitchen cabinetry or appliances, it can be a show-stopper of an installation.
Regardless of which colour of grout you choose, the most important thing you need to do is install it exactly as described in the manufacturer’s instructions. If you need advice or assistance, European Heritage is always ready to help.

European Heritage Has a Huge Selection of Grout Colours for You to Choose From

The perfect tile demands the perfect grout. When paired properly, your project will be a thing of beauty. At European Heritage, we have all of the tile and grout you need to complete your project. We even have experts on hand to provide you with helpful advice if necessary.
Just visit one of our European Heritage showrooms today, or shop our website online, and get the tile, adhesive, grout, and all of the other materials you need to do the job right.


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