Freshen Up Your Tile Projects With New Grout Colours From Mapei

One of the most common challenges for any tile project is finding a colour of grout that complements the tone of the tile being installed. For years, grout colour options ranged from white to neutral tones that did little to help showcase the beauty of the tile.
Now, with so many gorgeous varieties of tiles being produced, Mapei has finally addressed this long-standing problem by introducing a brand new line-up of seven different grout colours.

Ultracolor Plus Grout From Mapei

Mapei’s Ultracolor Plus Grout is the company’s new contemporary coloured grout product. This is a smooth/fine grain grout that is specially designed to cater to smaller grout joints, ranging from 1mm to 6mm.

Ultracolor Plus Grout is available in seven brand new colours, which help to make it easier for tile installers to seamlessly match the colour of grout to the tone of the tile. The newest colours offered include White Sand, Pebble, Oyster, Sand Storm, Soft Stone & Pearl.

What Are the Benefits of Using Coloured Grout From Mapei?

Using coloured grout is an easy way to transform any tile project into something completely unique and inspired. Never before have you been able to create a one-of-a-kind installation in which the tone of the tile and colour of the grout play off of each other so perfectly. And further, Mapei’s new grout products ensure complete uniformity of colour in practically any application.

But variety of colour isn’t the only reason for using Mapei’s grout products. Mapei’s grouts are fast-setting and quick-drying, too. This is a flexible polymer-modified anti-efflorescence grout that is water-repellent and anti-mould, thanks to Mapei’s revolutionary DropEffect and BioBlock technology, respectively.

Where to Use Mapei’s New Coloured Grout

Mapei’s coloured grout is suitable for all interior and exterior wall and floor installations of ceramic tiles, porcelain, terracotta, stone material, glass, and marble mosaics. However, they are not recommended for use with soft glazed tiles.

This flexible grout product is ideal for a wide array of applications, including bathrooms, kitchens, showers, swimming pools, terraces, and heavily trafficked commercial areas, as well.

European Heritage Carries Coloured Grouts From Mapei

European Heritage is your complete tile solution. We carry a huge selection of quality tiles, cleaning and maintenance products, and tools and resources. And we have a full selection of coloured grouts from Mapei. Shop online at European Heritage today and choose the coloured grout you need to turn your next tile project into something incredible.


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