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European Heritage strives to be your go-to provider of high-quality flooring and wall tiles. We carry an immense collection of premium tiles from a wide array of today’s top manufacturers, and we are constantly adding to our inventory.

Recently, we’ve introduced several new lines in our online store. From trendy new contemporary tiles to stone and concrete effects to sexy mosaics, here are some of the newcomers to our extensive collection of tile ranges.


New Contemporary Tiles

European Heritage is one of the best places online to find new contemporary tile lines. These tiles provide an ultra-clean, seamless finish thanks to their clean, crisp lines and neutral hue tones. Several of our new contemporary tiles are even available in large format for spacious floor areas. We have brand new tile lines like the Interno Range from the manufacturer ABK; the Love Tiles from the Share Range; and FMG features the new Block Series of contemporary tiles.


New Concrete Effect Tiles

If you want to give your space a more industrial or modern feel, then nothing works better than concrete effect tiles. At European Heritage, we’re proud to provide one of the largest selections of these types of tiles, and our inventory is constantly growing. Some of our more recent additions include concrete effect tiles from Settecento (Evoque), Ariana (Concrea), Fondovalle (Portland), Gardenia (Walk), and Terratinta (Betongreys). Sizes also vary greatly, with tiles available up to 2400x1200mm.


New Stone Effect Tiles

Stone effect tiles give you the warmth and texture of natural stone at a fraction of the price. And, European Heritage has several new additions to our stone effecttile inventory. Some of our new tiles include faux-limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, and marble finishes from manufacturers like LaFaenza (Orobianco & Mixture), Verde1999 (Silkstone), Ceramica Magica (Basalt), Rondine (Galaxy), Imola (Urbiko), Piemmegres (Stone Focus), Coem (Arenaria), Terratinta (StoneAntique), and Verde1999 from Taj Majal. Tile sizes are available up to 1200X1200mm.


New Wood Effect Tiles

Today’s wood effect tiles are made using innovative processes and technologies that make these tiles look and feel like natural wood flooring. But, porcelain wood effect tiles are so much more durable than the real thing, and in fact, can come in an extremely wide range of colours, tones, and hues. Some of our latest additions include brand new wood effect tile lines from Gardenia (Just Venice), Cisa (Vintage), ABK (Dolphin), and others.


New Metro & Wall Tiles

Metro wall tiles, often called “subway tiles,” are fast becoming among the most popular types of wall tiles used in modern homes. They’re ideal for everything from kitchens to bathrooms because their linear shape is the epitome of Parisian style. At European Heritage, we have a huge inventory of metro and wall tiles from leading manufacturers like Equipe, Altair, Settecento, and others. We even carry tiles with crackle glaze effects and beveled edges for a stunning faceted-like finish.


New Exterior Tiles

European Heritage has exterior tiles for any outdoor application. Whether you are putting in a new patio or replacing the tiles on your entryway, in your garden, or your rooftop terrace, our new lines of exterior tiles will be sure to have the style, texture, and colour you need to complete the job. We have new tile lines from Margres (Slabstone Anti-Slip), Imola (Thick Series), and others, and many of these new tiles are available with rough surfaces for a no-slip grip.


New Décor Tiles

Whether you want a decorative patchwork tile or a faux-brick wall or some other decorative finish, European Heritage has the décor tiles you need to get exactly the finish you want. Our new décor tile lines include colorful tiles such as Provenza, Orly, NEWY, BRST, Beton, and a host of others.


Getting the Tile You Need From European Heritage

European Heritage’s online store has everything you need to install and maintain your tiles, including grout, tools, cleaning and maintenance products, and a host of other valuable products and resources to help make your installation go as smoothly as possible.

Shop online at European Heritage today and take advantage of our incredible selection of brand new tiles, our outstanding quality, and our ultra-low pricing.

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