Biogel No Limits by Kerakoll – Your New Favourite Adhesive

The Biogel was developed in Sassuolo; the home of Kerakoll’s advanced research and development laboratories in a cutting-edge centre for study & production of new building materials – Kerakoll GreenLab. The new gel technology is primarily designed to eliminate the need for various formulations for different substrates and tile types. It truly is designed to have no limits and to be able to bond all types of materials, on any kind of substrate - no matter how deformable the substrate is.

Apart from the blindingly obvious benefit of being able to do virtually anything, there is a very long list of practical benefits that seem to be causing stirrings of delight with the plethora of tilers that we deal with:

  • The mixture doesn’t thicken, keeping it’s viscosity and shape for longer.

  • You can make the mix as thick as you like, it will never shrink.

  • A far softer mix compared to cement-based adhesive means an easier application

  • The thixo and liquid consistency wets the entire tile, meaning superior adhesion.

  • A far higher consumption than normal cement based tile adhesives – we are advising 5-6m2 per 25kg bag, obviously this depends on the thickness of the bed.

A lot of tilers don’t enjoy working with highly deformable adhesives as they are not workable; Biogel on the other hand, is a product that can be guaranteed on unstable substrate without sacrificing ease of use. Befitting to the Kerakoll mantra, the Biogel has a GreenBuilding rating of 5, the highest possible award. This is due to the geobinder designed by Kerakoll, which has an extremely low environmental impact. The powder is available in the normal Grey & White colour formats and the White Shock formula is the whitest adhesive we’ve ever seen - it’s no longer a light grey posing as a white tone.

We are highly impressed with Biogel No Limit’s; we are now waiting for the RAPID SET!

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